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Stop Arterial Bleeding Workshop
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  • Stop Arterial Bleeding - Workshop

Quick overview

CAT Gen 712.30 to 4pm Onsiite at our Lismore venue. Details on enrolment


Learn the management of severe bleeding from intensive care paramedics. This practical workshop covers the following topics:

The effects of blood loss on the body
What shock really is shock
Haemostatic dressings
Wound packing
Tourniquets,including why improvised tourniquets generally fail
Techniques and tricks for application

Your workshop will be delivered by experts with real world experience either at our venue or onsite at a suitable location. International Paramedic College are pioneers in the stopping the bleed training and our unique Shark Attack and Stop the Bleeding packs in Australia.
This workshop is designed as part of our overall first aid philosophy and fantastic for those that work in in high risk environments, those who pursue hobbies with a higher degree of risk, and first responders or first aiders who want to understand this critical skill

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